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Hypnotherapy is used on patients to create a change which is subconscious in different form such as thoughts, attitudes, behaviors or feelings. In hypnotherapy the first thing that is carried out is a discussion with the client to see the nature of the problem that the client is having and how it can be dealt with. After that the client will be explained the procedure which will take place and the experience that they will go through while they are having their treatment. The treatment that will be carried out depends entirely on the client and their problem.

alcohol / smoking addiction


One of the top reasons of death is caused by alcohol and tobacco which can be avoided by stopping the addiction and treating it. Alcohol and tobacco usually go hand in hand this because many people who are addicted to alcohol tend to smoke as well and the same vice versa.

This puts them at a much higher risk because as well as being an alcoholic they are also a smoker so it is more likely that they will have tobacco-related complications.

behaviour disorder


Behavioral disorder is common in children and adults.

If this disorder is not treated in childhood then this disorder can have a negative effect on the individual’s ability to maintain relationship and hold a job.

weight control


It is very crucial to maintain a healthy weight. You may be at a higher risk of having health problems if you are underweight, overweight or obese.

Therefore to avoid the higher risk of health problems you should control your diet and maintain a healthy weight. If you have a healthy weight you can control your cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar.